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Silent Hill 4 Introspection is done (and can be downloaded to Kindle)

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My novelization of Silent Hill 4 … actually it’s been done for awhile, but I don’t think I ever did make an official announcement or video about it like I said I would.

It’s not perfect, but I think it’s as good as it’s ever gonna be. If anything, I was worried about over-thinking things and making changes that didn’t need to be made. I know when it comes to visual art, it’s very possible to “overwork” a drawing, and at some point, you just have to call it done or you risk ruining it … I kind of felt like I got to that point with this story.

Anyway, it can be read here:

And if you have a Kindle, you can download it here:

(it’s hilarious with text-to-speech turned on)


Oh yah, I have a blog, don’t I? >.>

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I figured it couldn’t hurt to update people on stuff, since not everyone is friends with me on Facebook, and even those who are don’t always know what’s going on =P

I’ve actually been having a lot of technical issues–one is that both of my hard drives are nearly filled up. Another is that my Game Bridge stopped working. What actually happened is that I upgraded to Windows 7, which Game Bridge doesn’t work with because the company that made it stopped supporting it before Windows 7 came out. I was getting around it by using a virtual OS, but eventually that stopped working–it got to where, once I hit the record button, it’d start lagging to the point where games were unplayable. It used to be that rebooting my computer would fix it, but around the time that I started trying to capture footage of Silent Hill 0rigins year before last, it just wouldn’t work anymore no matter what I did.

Every once in awhile, people still ask me about the Silent Hill 2 Let’s Play. By then, I was trying to capture footage through Lee’s computer, but that involved other problems, one of which was the video quality being crap, and I think there was a lag issue there too–I didn’t forget about it, I didn’t willfully abandon it … it just wasn’t working out. It sucked, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

But anyway, I’m about to get a new hard drive installed, and soon I should also have the means to capture footage through the digital recorder–I’ve got a fire wire port in my computer now, and I think there’s one more thing I need–Lee is the one who knows about all this stuff. Hopefully, soon, I’ll be able to capture video game footage again.

Also, I’ve been on hiatus since around November, and it’ll end in March, so I hope to have a Game Den episode for sometime in that month. Yah, I might actually do a Game Den about a non-Silent-Hill game–imagine that!

Oh, and I have another project I’ve been working on–I wanted to start a new series called “Dena Reads” where I do a reading of a short story of some kind (purely audio, like a podcast). It’s ended up starting off with a bang, as I’ve decided to do Silent Ponyville. I ended up finding some great voice talent online to supply the voices of all the characters, and I’ll be voicing the narration. All the characters have been cast, but I’m now taking auditions for the monsters. That video is here if you think you might be interested.

I THINK that’s it for now. I won’t make any promises about updating more often, but … honestly, I’d like to, I guess I just don’t think about it often enough. And especially when I’m not working on videos, it’s kind of an “out of site, out of mind” thing … then when I am working on videos, I’m too busy to update  o.O


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Yeah … I don’t know what happened. Might be my getting more into Facebook so I’ve been posting stuff over there more. But Facebook does have it’s limits, so it’s good to have a more … well, bloglike setting to post more lengthy thoughts.

Not that there has been much to say anyway. Work was hell for a long time and when I wasn’t at work, I had stuff to do at home. Don’t wanna bore people with my personal life, but I had so little free time already that I basically had no choice but to cancel the two videos I was working on and go on official hiatus for about three months so I could at least have a little personal time.

I spent that time drawing, which I haven’t done seriously in a very long time–I forgot how much I can enjoy it–it’s a nice mix of relaxing and productive. For those who don’t know, I’ve got a concept for a comic book series that I’ve been picking away at for YEARS and it was nice revisiting it for awhile. I hope to make some real headway on it by next year, but we’ll see. More on that some other time, maybe.

But things have improved. Work is less busy, home is less busy, and I’m getting bitten by the video producing bug again. I’m letting it be a gradual process, though. I am off of hiatus so I am at least posting monthly videos (that’s the bare minimum allowed for Channel Awesome producers who haven’t arranged for time off) but I hope to work back up to at least bi-weekly, if not weekly. Again, we’ll see.

In the mean time, horror fans should check out my new podcast that I’m doing with Tony Helms from Random Odds, where we chat about horror movies and horror games for around 30 minutes: HorrorCast.

For now, I’ve picked up one of the videos I had to put on hold and I’ve made a LOT of progress on it–I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep, but hopefully it should at least be done before October (since we know what happens in October, don’t we? ^.~). All I’ll say is that it is a horror movie.

Anyway, better wrap this up. I will try to not neglect this place in the future.


Quick update

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The first Film Den was a success, and I have many more ideas in the pipeline. If more episodes turn out this well, it might end up trumping The Game Den as my “main” show, as the episodes are easier to do, and there’s a bigger audience for movies than games.

I have another one planned for the end of April. I’m in the process of moving right now–hence the lack of updates, and why I’m mostly putting old videos up on–so it’s difficult to work on it, but hopefully I’ll make that deadline.

As for games, I may end up doing another Let’s Play soon. I’ll try to put up a poll soon to see which one people will prefer (probably won’t be any of the ones people have been asking for–sorry).

Guess that’s it for now. I’ll try to remember to update this thing more often.